Sound effects story

I found this exercise to be quite time consuming (as advertised).  Time also flew by quickly and I had to force myself to stop. I wanted to add more and more to the story.  I eventually stopped where I did because there were too many options ahead.  This is my nod to Black History Month and those on whose shoulders I now stand.


Photo exercise – 15 minute discovery

This exercise posed a few problems for me, not the least of which was the time constraint.  Of course at the end of the exercise I saw quite a few things that I thought would be more appropriate than the images I am submitting now, but I decided to stick to the parameters.  I found the class submission that used the bicycle for all elements, to be very creative.  As an instructor who has been taught to copy / steal anything that works, I thought about doing something similar here; it turns out that I’m not that creative.  I did not fill all the requirements but here goes.


Super Natural

A cropped photo of an orchid flower






rock rotate



One Colour

Shades of blue




Human Emotion  (anxiety)

This did not turn out quite as I would have liked.  I believe that my depth of field was too shallow so the houses in the background are not identifiable. My idea of having a goal in sight but facing a million obstacles, is lost.





Converging Lines

Tracks leading home






You can use just about anything in nature to convey the idea of complexity.  I’m not quite sure if this is complex or chaotic.  Well nothing in nature is actually chaotic, we just haven’t figured out the rules of order, so I guess this is complex.


bush rotate


You never know what’s in store for you

The first picture on my Outdoor page was taken in Paddlewheel Park in Prince George a few years ago.  I was struck by the golden reflection of the Nechako river  and I took several pictures of the scene.  By chance I happened to notice the figures seen at the bottom of the picture.  It turns out that these gentlemen were panning for gold.  This blew me away!  They had been doing this for years along the river, in and around Prince George, albeit with limited success.  Unfortunately, this was in the days of my film camera and I had no film to take a proper picture of the prospectors.  Have a look at the Outdoor page.